Can I make any changes to my equity offering once it goes live on Texas Equity Shares?

No. The offer is final after launch.

New documents may be added as clarifications, but all documents uploaded into the Virtual Data Room cannot be deleted or changed.
Can I delete my equity offering?

No. Once the offering is launched, you cannot delete it. However, you can stop the crowdfunding campaign. In this case, all the previous activities will be kept and all the money pledged will be returned to the investors. Such action is the last thing you want to do because it will negatively impact the image and credibility of your business.

If for any reason you absolutely must delete the offering, make sure you have a strong credible explanation.
How do I communicate with investors?

You can communicate with investors through our Texas Equity Shares communication channel. After you complete your company profile, you will be able to use our integrated communication options to send and receive messages to/from all interested parties.

How many crowd investors can I communicate and share my plan with?

You are limited to Texas Residents 18 years of age and over! ​
How can I invite potential investors to my equity offering?

You can connect all your social media accounts to Texas Equity Shares in the Friends >> Social Media section and invite your connections. 
You will also be able to share your offering URL over social media, and everyone can see your public info.​
How can I reach more investors?

There are several ways to engage the investor community:

1. Post often. When you post your company profile, our subscribers will receive a newsletter with your company profile on display. When you post an update, the people following your company will receive the update over email. We also offer a weekly and bi-weekly Texas Equity Shares newsletter.

2. Encourage your friends, family, potential customers/users/partners and prospective investors to follow your venture through social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

3. Create an educational blog post about your company for Texas Equity Shares blog/distribution.

4. Link your blog to your company profile so we can suggest fresh content for your profile page.

5. Follow up immediately with any investor who contacts you on the platform. It’s a great excuse to get them on the phone and give them a chance to get to know you.​
How many crowd investors am I allowed to have?

There is no limit to the number of investors you can have.
How much ownership will I have to give away?

First you must run a valuation for your startup. Then, based on the results and the amount of capital you need, you will offer a percentage from your total shares for a certain amount of money. For example, if your startup is valued at $1 million and you need $100,000 to reach your next milestone, you will give away 10%.

This can also be translated in a # of shares. If your startup has 1,000,000 shares according to the valuation, and each share is $1, due to the need for $100,000 you will sell 100,000 shares.
Will investors be able to make decisions regarding my company?

No. Each individual ownership will be very small. However, as the majority shareholder, you will have certain fiduciary duties to all minority shareholders. Also, you will have to communicate with them in accordance to the communication plan you created while your offering was in the funding stage.
Is my business information confidential?

NO. Your business information will be shared any Texas Resident, 18 years of age or over may view your information about your company and the offering including the results of background checks, your detailed business plan and other self-disclosed information for the due diligence process.
How do I prevent others from stealing my idea?

At Texas Equity Shares we do NOT use Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s). 
Every time an investor enters the "protected area", or Virtual Data Room, they must electronically sign an NDA.
Other measures we implemented include:

1. giving the issuer the power to allow or disallow certain investors access to their confidential documents
2. making sure every investor is authenticated when they create their profile
3. making sure no confidential documents can be printed, downloaded or emailed
4. making sure every PDF file will feature the IP address and the user ID to have any screenshots fully traceable.

How do I close out a successful equity crowdfunding campaign?

When the funding goal is reached, you will prepare the share certificates and any other documents related to the transfer of equity 
(we partnered with and Your Stock Transfer Company to provide an affordable option).

At this point, we will verify the equity has been properly transferred to the investors. Once verification is complete, we will release the funds to you. You will then be the only party able to access the funds in the joint account.​
Can I make any changes to my campaign once it goes live at Texas Equity Shares?

No. As an issuer you can make changes before you upload your offering to Texas Equity Shares. Once the documents are uploaded into the Virtual Data Room they cannot be deleted or changed after the offering goes live. However, new documents can be added as clarifications. The original offer is final once uploaded to Texas Equity Shares. Also, material changes might trigger all pledges to be voided and each investor will be asked to pledge again.
What happens if I don’t reach my funding goal?

The offering will simply expire. All accepted pledges will be released to the investors and returned to their bank, Via ESCROW AGENT account via ACH.