How do I build my company profile?

All issuers must create a company profile.
At Texas Equity Shares we provide a detailed step-by-step guide highlighting the key fields from start to finish.
Be prepared to draft an Executive Summary, disclose your fundraising terms and more.
Can I select more than one industry sector for my company?

It is not advised to select more than one industry as it may cause confusion among investors.
Can I select more than one industry sector for my company?

It is not advised to select more than one industry as it may cause confusion among investors.
How do I share my public profile with people outside Texas Equity Shares?

You can direct them to your offering URL. This is the maximum SEC permits. Be aware: it is illegal to discuss terms and anything related to your offering outside the platform.
Does the content of my profile have to be approved by Texas Equity Shares?

The Texas Crowdfunding Portal (TCP) share the burden of responsibility for your offer.
Can I edit my company profile once it has launched?

Yes. You may sign into your account and make any edits via the navigation panel.

  Can I delete my company profile?

Yes. You can delete your company profile as long as there is no ongoing or past successful crowdfunding campaign.
How do I decide my funding goal?

Calculating your capital needs must be performed cautiously and realistically. If you set your goals too high, you will most likely never achieve them. If you set them too low, you won’t raise enough money to launch or grow your business.

Here are some key points to factor when determining your funding goal:
1. The capital you need to grow / expand your company (E.g. hiring more employees, developing more products/services, opening new offices, and so on)
2. The marketing costs for promotion of your brand and products/services
3. Crowdfunding processing fees
Do I have to enter my data in order?

No. You are allowed to skip sections. However, your profile must be 100% complete before you can list an offering on Texas Equity Shares.
Is there a maximum or minimum amount for a campaign?

Yes. On Texas Equity Shares the minimum target raise amount per year is $100,000. The maximum target amount is $1,000,000.

Can equity offerings raise more than their goal?

No. Once the targeted amount is raised, the offering is closed and cannot receive any new investments.
What do I need to know before I get started on my equity offering?

Do your homework.

Planning ahead is the most important ingredient in the recipe for successful equity crowdfunding. Here is a basic check-off list for what you need to know before starting your campaign:

1. Prepare all necessary legal documents
2. Brainstorm with business partners and close family and friends about your business model/strategy and product or service.
3. Update profiles on all major social media accounts. If you are not active on social media, start today. It is important to build followers weeks, if not months, before your campaign goes live. It is wise to have followers anticipating the launch ahead of time.
4. Research successful profiles of similar companies and products
5. Start working on your business plan
6. Make a detailed budget for your objectives and set your funding goal
7. Refer to our website and blog for advice and tips
Why do I need a business plan for my equity crowdfunding campaign?

Business plans are the public/written representation of your vision and will be the primary source of information for potential investors. Your business plan may be the one deciding factor when it comes to winning or losing an investment. It should be clear, concise and leave the reader with no doubt of who you are, what your product is and your future plans for success. Also, the law requires it.
How do I calculate the value of my company ?

One of our strategic alliance partners, Zacks CF Research, is a third party and independent evaluator. Zacks CF Research will bring an added level of transparency and trust to valuing your company in an unbiased fashion.

The valuation reports, researched and written by analysts with experience in startups specific to your industry, will help you show investors your projected revenue, cash flow, brand value and anything else related to potential growth. Such valuation reports are a mainstay for investors in public markets and Zacks is the first to offer it to equity crowdfunding campaigns.

We also partner with Equidam, a European-based valuation firm who provides self-service that will walk you through some questions about your company, financials, and projections – things you should be familiar with. As soon as you are finished, you will instantly get your free executive summary or you can download the full valuation report. They currently serve over 10 online investment platforms and we believe this partnership gives our users another exclusive benefit to crowdfunding with Texas Equity Shares.
Can all the collaborators be listed as owners of the offering?

No. Each individual offering is linked to one issuer account.
You may list the members of your team in the offering, but there can only be one account manager.
Do I need a business plan when listing my offering on Texas Equity Shares?

Yes. If you already have a business plan, you only need to upload it into our template format. If you don’t have a business plan, we provide a Business Plan Development Wizard. The Wizard is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare an attractive and informative business plan from scratch. We are happy to answer questions and help make the process as easy as possible.
Who can see my business plan?

Only registered investors have the right to view your business plan. Random visitors will have no access to any of your confidential business information. You have to approve each investor to see confidential information about your offering (background checks, detailed business plan and other self-disclosed information for the due diligence process).

Once you provide access to the Virtual Data Room, you will see logs for every action performed by the investor. Every time an investor enters the Virtual Data Room, they will be prompted to sign an NDA.