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What are NDA capabilities and Virtual Data Rooms?
NDA stands for “Non-Disclosure Agreement.” One definition of a NDA is: a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to or by third parties.

When investors seek sensitive information in an offering, he will electronically sign a NDA. Our Texas Equity Shares Virtual Data Rooms have the functionality of traditional Data Rooms in an online environment.
Multi-stage Launch

1.) What is a multi-stage launch?
It is always wise to seek investments from those closest to you first (family, friends, colleagues, etc.)

At Texas Equity Shares you will create “circles of closeness” by assigning potential investors to certain groups. Think of it as a way to filter all of your investors with this formula: “Most Likely to Invest -> Least Likely to Invest.”

By Inviting your closest circle to invest first, you should have a significant amount already raised by the time you get to the later circles.
Having 20-40% raised already will make your offering more attractive to investors who may be less likely to pledge money otherwise.
 Mainly because they do not know you as well as people closer to you.
2.) What does it mean I can choose between investors?
If an investor would like to invest in your offering, you must first grant him permission.

Any investor can view the basic elements of your offering, but access to confidential information and the right to pledge must be authorized by you.

You have the ability to view the investor’s profile and decide if he is a reliable and reputable source of investment.
Personalized Assistance

What kind of assistance does Texas Equity Shares offer?
For entrepreneurs, once you login we offer you step-by-step guidance within the Offering section. 
By following the steps, you can easily create your account and your offering from start to finish.

For investors, we offer educational videos (10 to 15 minutes length) that guide you through the whole investment process. 
We also offer tips and useful information about the industry’s best practices in our blog.

1.) Can I change my mind during the investing process?
As an investor, yes. No matter when you pledge your money, you have up to 48 hours after the offering meets its target amount to withdraw the pledge. 
This means after the funding amount is reached, we'll send you an email to reminder that you have 48 hours to change your mind. 
If you didn’t do anything within 48 hours, your investment will be final. Otherwise, you can unpledge and receive your money back.

If you decide a new document or recent update has changed your mind about a pledge, you can remove it quickly and easily. In fact, you can remove your pledge for any reason before the pledge becomes permanent.

Please note:
 If there is a waiting list for an offering you withdraw a pledge from, and you want to re-pledge, you will lose your original position and be placed at the back of the waiting list.

2.) How many potential investors can see my offering?
Since we are a JOBS Act Title III equity crowdfunding platform, you are not limited to addressing accredited investors only (about 258K active in USA); you will have access to a much larger investor base which totals around 68 million non-accredited investors.
Can I choose who sees and invest in my company?

Yes. Only users you grant permission to access your confidential information. You have the power to accept or deny investments coming from certain users based on their profile and background analysis.
Can I update my offering information during the campaign?

You can add information to your offering anytime during the campaign. This will allow you to update and keep up with investors information requirements.
Integrated Communication Tools

1.) What are integrated communication channels?
Our integrated communication channels allow both investors and entrepreneurs to either publicly or privately communicate with other entrepreneurs and investors.

We offer chat, private messaging and forum posts. Our main communication tool has Twitter-like capabilities where you can include someone in the conversation by tagging them. Simply include their ^user_name. The tagged user will receive a notification email if they are mentioned in a post.
2.) How can I see updates of offerings I follow?
You can see updates of offerings you follow in two different ways:

1. You will receive updates on all offerings you follow through Texas Equity Shares centralized news feed. Our centralized news feed is similar to social media pages you may already familiar with. It aggregates all updates from offerings you are following, offerings you have pledged to, as well as comments and discussions related to these offerings.

Moreover, any posting member who is associated with an entrepreneur will be clearly labeled as a “promoter.” This will signal to other investors that this post it a direct promotion of an offering and not personal opinion.

2. You can go to the pages of specific offerings and see all of their updates on their timeline.
Choose and Participate

Can I add my skills and expertise to an offering?
Yes. Our Texas Equity Shares communication channels give investors a great opportunity to participate in group discussions and send private messages to share personal insight and expertise. This will place a positive impact on the offering and the crowd as a whole. Your participation may lead to more pledges and a successful offering.

The entrepreneur may also keep the same communication channels open post-issuance and ask you for additional advice and insight. Be sure to reference the details of post-funding communication in the offering.
Raise more money

Your Company may raise $1Million annually.
Get help

Creating your account, building and advertising your offering, ending your campaign. Texas Equity Shares will assist you with information, tips and advice throughout the process.

Beyond money

As entrepreneur, leverage the expertise and knowledge of your investors network. Most of them are keen to help...